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Resist Aging

Loss of elasticity and wrinkles are reduced.


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Loss of elasticity and wrinkles are...
Resist Aging

Loss of elasticity and wrinkles are reduced.

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Triple Action Moisturizing Serum

The innovative skin care with highly efficient active ingredient complex for long-lasting moisture. Our active ingredient philosophy consists of three key ingredients for effective results in your skincare routine: Keep: High-molecular hyaluronic acid ensures rapid moisturisation of the skin. Activate: Galanga Leaf Extract stimulates the skin's own hyaluronic synthesis, helping to increase moisture levels. Prevent: Catechins protect the skin from premature loss of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, preserving the skin's elasticity. Triple Action Moisturising Serum provides fast and deep hydration. The Activate active principle is enhanced by low-molecular and crosslink hyaluronic acid. The serum leaves the skin feeling fresh and noticeably plump.
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Hyaluronic Multi Level Performance
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